PT. Penta Mitra Niaga (PMN) has experience in telecommunication network infrastructure development & Information Technology. We have involved in designing, installing, maintaining, and trouble-shooting various projects in Indonesia.

PMN was established in Jakarta on 2003. In order to spread the business coverage in progressive trend situation, PMN has developed the orientation of business to become the most trustable company. And within a short period, PMN has improved by its commitment to serve the needs of telecommunication & IT industry.


We strive to become one of the leading participants in the national development of our country with strong focus in telecommunication engineering services, infrastructure and Information Technology to become a high class player.


A services company which give value to the social environtment and to be the best in providing solution for telecommunication network infrastructure development and Information Technology.





Interactive Collaborative Electronic (ICE) Board is the latest development of a digital interactive device known as Digital Whiteboard. But ICE Board has the advantages of Digital Whiteboard on the market. ICE Board can be your solution that requires efficiency and interactivity in your business or learning environment.

place your chalkboard, traditional whiteboard and projector with the one and only solution: ICE Board


Digital Signage (DS) is a form submission of information through electronic media display (dynamic). By using the latest hardware and software technology (update on the fly and unlimited possibility features), digital signage has become the trend for delevering information in may industries in the world.

• Update through USB flashdisk / LAN / WIFI / GSM / CDMA
• Support video, image and text with split screen layout
• Free content management software with built-in templates (Horizontal and Vertical)
• On / Off Time function Set timer for every day or weekdays schedule
• Upgrade to NetStation Solution
• Proffesional design and easy installation
• Industrial LED panel grade (24/7)
• Tempered glass, vandall proof for public space display

Archangel C is a Smart Box that create an internal network within a company or office and through which all data transmitted via the internet, either via WIFI or cable, must pass.

Its function is to protect all computers or other mobile devices belonging to this network against cyber attack from outside and to protect each computer belonging to this network againts the spread of a virus or a worm from an infected computer to another computer on the network.
E-KTP Reader is a tool to read and verify the personal data stored on the ID card chip. By using the ID Card Reader, E-KTP can be read and verified of the data to validate that the E-KTP is properly used by the true holder.

The application can be used in hospital on registration of visitors or patients, as well as the same function in banks, universities, offices, or public services location.


• Reading demographic data from E-KTP chip
• Read photo and signature data
• Verify fingerprint data
• Transferring data to computer
ASUS VivoMini PC crams all the business functions you need in a compact, lightweight mini PC so you can free up precious desktop space for a neat and tidy workstation. It combines full PC functionality with incredible energy efficiency, and operates in total silence* - making it ideal for quiet environments. It even features dual-storage designs for added storage flexibility.

ASUS VivoMini PC delivers desktop-like processing performance, and provides multi-display and 4K/UHD display support, a M.2 solid-state drive for quick data access, and extensive I/O connectivity. It even features ASUS Business Manager software - a suite of tools to aid small business owners. Easy system management and maintenance make VivoMini PC ideal for use as office PCs, digital signage, and information kiosks.


An Internet Protocol camera (IP Camera), is a type of digital video camera commonly employed for surveillance, and which, unlike analog closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet. Although most cameras that do this are webcams, the term IP camera or netcam is usually applied only to those used for surveillance that can be directly accessed over a network connection.


LabVIEW offers a graphical programming approach that helps you visualize every aspect of your application, including hardware configuration, measurement data, and debugging. This visualization makes it simple to integrate measurement hardware from any vendor, represent complex logic on the diagram, develop data analysis algorithms, and design custom engineering user interfaces.
Improve your business efficiency with our proven ERP Solutions. Automate and track your daily operations seamlessly, generate reports through a single click and many more. Contact us on how we can help bring your business to the next level.
Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are digital product labels or tags that display pricing and product information (Price, Inventory & others) in real time by synchronizing Point of Sale (POS) product information wirelessly. Retail stores can be fully optimized in sale activity, profitability, productivity and flexibility. Internationally, retailers are rapidly implementing digital ESL solutions. The most common adopters are supermarket, grocery, liquor, pharmacy, fashion, electronic retailers and any store that changes product prices on a daily or weekly basis will profit from their numerous benefits.

. Cost and time Efficiencies :
All costs related to paper shelf label are eliminated in store, price and product content can be updated in a few seconds at main headquarters. No paper label printing and installation are needed which means there is no labor and material costs involved in store.

. Accuracy & Reliability :
No more inaccurate pricing since human error is removed from the equation, prices are always the same between ESL display and POS. No more customer complaints regarding inaccurate price during check out.

. Flexibility :
Sales strategies can be optimized easily by automating the pricing based on day and time, current inventory level, market value, competitor's price & perishable stocks, as well as matching online store's price.

. Customer Experiences :
Align online and offline stores' product content, customers can scan QR code to view more detail product information or read the product review; customers can scan product barcode to add item to their wish list or subscribe to a promotion notification for a particular product.

. Branding & Marketing :
Increase brand loyalty and brand awareness, customer can scan QR code to "LIKE" a product and share in social media.

. Reliability :
Automates price update, self-monitoring real time operation of ESL, predict failure of ESL device, high security encryption wireless protocol and the battery life lasts for five years or more.

. Easy to use :
Change prices of product in a few key strokes and price updates immediately on ESL display, remote upgrade firmware, continuous operation even when battery is out and very easy to install.

. Flexibility :
Automatically change wireless channel to tune up transmission performance, customizable content template for each SKU, support most languages, support different operation system, many different accessories to meet all retail's needs.



PMN has experiences on network system planning, manage to observe tower location, type of needed devices and network quality measurement, such as: System Network Design, Transmission Network Planning, Radio Frequency Interference Survey and Drive test and Coverage Optimization.


Experienced in installation and commissioning devices such as power supply, microwave, BTS, Fiber Optic, networking and maintenance with professional manner.


Experienced in handling of frequency license on Directorate General of Posts and Informatics Resources and Equipment, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.


Our team have experiences in telecommunications field. All members of our technical support have received manufacturer approved and accredited training to enable them to deliver best-in-industry standard maintenance and engineering work on your premises.


Experienced in handling Type Approval (certification of devices) on Directorate General of Posts and Informatics Resources and Equipment, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.


Providing human resources that can help meet your need for labour skills: engineer, coordinator, project administration and project management.



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