Manage & track your inventory levels on your operations. Let the system automate your daily manufacturing processes and generate clear insights out of the data.

Here are the modules in HashMicro's Rental ERP system:

Rental System will allow you to manage your rental orders, manage deposits, and track the product availability.

CRM will help manage your customer details, rental histories, account statements and billings as well.

Track your stock levels, rental in & out seamlessly through the Inventory System.

Manage your employee activities, expense claims, payrolls, contracts easily through the HR Management.

All your billing activiites will automatically be posted to the Accounting System for ease of use as well.

The rental business model needs a great system to track your products, boost your business efficiency, allowing your staffs to do a simple search & sort throughout all the orders and generate insights on your rental business.
Manage your rental orders, booking history per customer, search & sort easily using the fields in the system.

Track your products' availability through list view & calendar view as well.

Generate high quality reports which lets you analyze the status of the rental efficiently and review the returns report.

With barcode integration, our Rental Management Software offers the users quicker checkout and monitor stocks electronically more effectively & efficiently.

Track your daily operations through the stock movement & analysis report for review.

Organize your opportunities and stay focused on your best deals. Customize your pipeline according to your needs and drag & drop your opportunities from one stage to another. Get instant visual information about next actions, new messages, top opportunities and expected revenues.

Manage your customers, leads, opportunities record & their statuses from a centralized system.

Easily access all necessary information about each contact. Adapt estimated revenue and success rate. Organize your next activities and schedule meeting straight from the lead form.

Know exactly how you perform compared to your monthly targets. Organize your work based on your scheduled next actions.

Convert opportunities into quotes in just a few clicks. Get a complete overview of the customer history.

The wholesale business model needs a great inventory system and this becomes even more important in today's high competitive environment. With an efficient inventory system you can streamline sales and finances allowing you to reap maximum profits and cut down expenses.
Manage your supply vendors, stocks, purchasers and the orders from a single platform, giving you more control and easy access to critical information.

Generate Purchase Orders, Invoices, Receipts, Credit Notes, Goods Receive Note, and many more through Wholesale Inventory Management Software.

Generate high quality reports which lets you analyze the status of the inventory efficiently and prevent any unneeded stocking.

With barcode integration, our Wholesale Inventory Management Software offers the users quicker checkout and monitor stocks electronically more effectively & efficiently.

The auto procurement feature allows the items to be fetched as they approach the exhaustion limits.

The system allows you to manage all your accounting needs with help of few clicks. This cuts down overhead in managing accounting related expenses for your organization. Therefore it brings the control of your accounts back in your hands with no more accounting problems at all.

HashMicro Accounting Management Software will help you keep track of your purchases, orders, assets, etc.

HashMicro Accounting & Billing Software will help you generate all the reports you require.

Generate Transaction History, General Ledger, Profit & Loss, IAF, GST Reports easily with a single click.

Store and retrieve transactions history. Reports can be pulled to get the data in exchangeable formats.

Human Resources Management software is designed to help you to manage your employees and future employees every day. The tools have been created to fit the needs of big corporations as for small businesses. Contrary to other ordinary human resources applications, HashMicro HRM provides informations from all other apps to evaluate and manage your employees
Oversee all important information in your company's address book. Restrict some information to HR managers, and make others public for all employees to easily find their colleagues.

Maintain the motivational process in your company by doing periodical evaluations of your employees' performance using HashMicro Human Resource Management Software.

Easily manage all expenses with Odoo apps. From travel expenses to fuel cards, keep track of everything.

Centralize all contracts and wages. Keep accurate accounting for all internal transactions. No more salary mistake.


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